Divine Blessings

Tanveer has the blessings of almighty. Having treated me with his best possible, sincere and dedicated efforts I pray to Lord to bless him always and encourage him to keep serving people.
Saint Ramsukh Das Ji Maharaj

By closely observing his methods of practising Surgery, I now realize why Doctor is called God. God Bless you Tanveer.
Acharya Tulsi

I congratulate Dr Tanveer on his milestone achievements. May God bless him and he continues to provide his exemplary services to people with the same vigour and passion.
Swami Sumedhanand Saraswati

Dr Tanveer is doing a tremendous job by serving mankind through various ways
Samvit Somgiri Ji Maharaj

Dr Tanveer is both, a good Doctor and a good Human Being. I am fully content by the treatment he has offered to me. Keep working hard.
Saint Lal Baba

I feel elated to see a rare combination of a good human being and a skilful Doctor in form of Dr Tanveer Malawat. May he prosper with the grace and blessings of almighty.
Rev Fr Dennis

Dr Tanveer Malawat has a great way of reaching a proper diagnosis and then treating accordingly. I feel relieved after getting treated by him.
Maulana Ashraf Azmi