Mrs Bassu Malawat

A companion in all thick and thin, Mrs Bassu Malawat has always supported Dr Tanveer Malawat in all the struggles of his long journey. In his own admission, Dr Tanveer Malawat credits his wife for all the success of his life. It is due to the sacrifices by Mrs Malawat that Dr Tanveer Malawat could achieve such feats in his career. She never burdened Dr Tanveer Malawat with the responsibility of his immediate family and that only could give him space to take care of his patients like his own family members. She is an avid social worker with special interests in Women Empowerment by means of Education, Technology and Skill Development.


Dr Jeenat Malawat

Eldest Daughter of Dr Tanveer Malawat is settled in Chennai. She is an ENT Surgeon. Her methodologies of working, sincerity, dedication and devotion towards work mimic that of Dr Tanveer Malawat. Having seen the struggling phase of her father very closely, she has a fighter instinct to combat the most difficult of situations. She is the chief source of energy for Mrs and Mr Dr Tanveer Malawat. Dr Tanveer always keenly listens to her advises on important issues.


Heena Malawat

Heena is settled in Singapore working with a shipping company and has interest in Healthcare business. She has plans to establish a network of clinics in Singapore. She also has interest in Real Estate having invested in various ventures in and around Bikaner. Being an MBA, Dr Tanveer relies on her for decisions related to business management and administration.


Dr Anees Malawat

Dr Anees Malawat is a final year Post Graduate Student in Dr SN Medical College Jodhpur in the field of Radiotherapy. He has plans to take higher training in the field of Oncology and later on join his father in his mission of providing affordable healthcare.